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I just found out that my city is having a sci-fi/fantasy/comic book convention in November. I’m actually dying from excitement. My life goal is to go to Comic-Con, so this will be like practice. Or a mini Comic-Con. It’s not until November, so I have plenty of time to work on my costume. I can’t decide what to be yet, but I’ve narrowed it down to either Isabela from Dragon Age 2, River Tam, or a female version of Dr. Horrible. Sorry for how random and awkwardly worded this post is, but I’m ridiculously excited :D

A cute moment from my day.

Here’s¬†a little story about someone who made me smile today. :)

I was walking home from a job interview today in my favorite (read: only) interview clothes: A black, knee-length dress and black flats. On my way home, I passed through a construction zone. As I passed one of the¬†construction workers, he mumbled something. I turned around and said, “sorry, what?” He said, “that’s a beautiful dress,” and smiled at me before turning away. It was such a pleasant surprise that I gave him one of the most sincere thank-you’s I’ve ever said, and for the rest of the walk home I couldn’t stop smiling. It definitely made my day. :)

Hello everyone!

I’m new to tumblr. Super new. As in, I’ve never even been on the site before. As in, I’m probably going about this all wrong and looking like an idiot. Or something.

ANYWAY. Hi. Welcome to my blog! I’m a nerd. This is me:

I love comic books, sci-fi shows, sitcoms, reading, yoga, and (most importantly) video games. This blog will mostly center around video games and television. Maybe.

Here are my favorites for all the aforementioned interests:

Comic books: the Fables series.

Sci-fi shows: Firefly & Stargate Atlantis.

Sitcoms: Community, The Big Bang Theory, and NewsRadio.

Books: the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins, the Idlewild series by Nick Sagan, and almost anything by Stephen King.

Video games: the Dragon Age series, and the first seven Tomb Raider games plus Tomb Raider: Anniversary.

So yeah, that’s it for now! Let’s see where the world of blogging takes me…